Prenatal Yoga

Yoga with a qualified teacher is an ideal form of exercise during pregnancy (and preparation for pregnancy!). But Yoga is much more than mere exercise, and perhaps this is never more true than when a woman is expecting a child.

Yoga is a comprehensive self-care system. During pregnancy, this means not only offering safe, appropriate movement, but also preparing a woman for labor, delivery and becoming a mother. Prenatal Yoga addresses the woman in a holistic way – relaxing tension from the body, keeping muscles and joints strong and supple, calming and focusing the mind and creating positive visualizations and affirmations for birth and beyond.

In addition, Kate is well-versed in various childbirth education classes in the area, local doulas, midwives, body workers and other integrated healthcare professionals who can help create the full spectrum of support a woman needs while pregnant. After taking an initial private Yoga session with Kate, moms-to-be are welcome – and will thrive – in any of Kate's group classes.